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You’ve Got To Love Penguins

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You’ve Got To Love Penguins is a new photo research project that’s just been published on the GlobalEye website by freelance photographer Matt Brading.

The photo research project features awe-inspiring photographs from several GlobalEye member photographers. Matt introduces the photo research project as follows…

There’s something amusing and engaging about penguins. Most people can happily watch their antics for hours. Perhaps because they usually have no predators on land, they are often fearless and inquisitive, and a joy to watch. There’s also a lot of them… 17 different species… though it might seem like there’s more than that, due to the use of local/common names for a single species. All penguin species are found in the southern hemisphere. Here’s a selection of great penguin images from the GlobalEye collection, including my all time favourite at the end…

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[Reposted with permission. Originally posted on GlobalEye Stock 4/10/2017 2:12:03 AM. View the source article here.]


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