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Video Marketing For Photographers

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Video has long been a favourite tool of mine for promoting photography websites. It’s a strong visual medium ideally suited to photography, and it’s a powerful SEO tools that gets great results, very fast. The big factor there is, Gogle and the other search engines give videos and the video sharing sites a lot of respect, so even when it’s difficult to get a page to rank for a specific phrase, you can often rank a video instead, and use that to drive traffic to the page.

In the video above, I show you how I created a video for a lightbox page, all in about 5 minutes, and then completed a few simple promotion steps, to get it listed and indexed in 40+ video sharing websites. It really is super easy when you’ve got the right tools, so check it out, then have a look over the resources listed further down the page.

As a guide to how quickly this works, I created the lightbox page about 8pm on October 1st and I ran the standard GlobalEye ‘broadcast’ submissions shortly after that. The video was created and submitted about 12 hours after that. I’ll add a follow up video later on to see how the various pages are ranking.

[h1]Resources & Links From The Video[/h1]




Animoto is the powerhouse of this approach. You can test this system out with a free account, and if you decide to use it regularly, I’d highly recommend you consider the ‘Plus’ upgrade for just $39 a year. You’ll get some additional video templates, royalty free music tracks and you’ll be able to make longer videos.

[h3]Sign Up For Animoto Here[/h3]




LinksAlpha is a powerful automation tools that will check a RSS feed regularly and report any new content it finds to various Social Media accounts. The free account lets you make 50 posts a month or for $5 you can post up to 1000 times a month. As a guide, each post we make at GlobalEye goes to 91 different accounts … so that equates to 91 posts. Please note: GlobalEye photographers don’t need to do this… if you just post to your GlobalEye blog, we do this and more for you!

[h3]Sign Up For LinksAlpha Here[/h3]


[h2]Mass Ping[/h2]

This is a free service that lets you ping multiple URLs to 80+ search engines at once. We recommend you use this to ping your photo/lightbox pages, your video on YouTube, your video on Animoto, plus you should write a short blog post announcing the new content and ping that as well. If you use Fiverr to get your video submitted to 40+ video sharing sites, the Seller should give you a list of URLs when they’re done… you can ping that entire list as well to really get  things moving!

[h3]Free Mass Ping Service[/h3]


[h2]Fiverr Video Submit[/h2]

Fiverr is a great resource for finding people to do various SEO tasks for you. For Video Submissions make sure you give the Seller a good title, your target page link, and a keyword rich description. One word of warning with Fiverr promos… don’t be tempted by people offering mass submissions and thousands of backlinks. That sort of thing stopped working a long time back and these days Google will actually penalise your website if you over do it!

[h3]Fiverr Video Submit Services[/h3]


[callout1] If you’re looking for a simple but effective solution for marketing your photography business, be sure to check out the GlobalEye Photography Business System, where you add your photos and we do the rest! [/callout1]






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  • Thanks Matt! I’d seen you talk about this before but I always figured it would be too complicated, but this does look really simple and fast, so I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the push once again.

    Robert October 2, 2012 6:04 pm Reply

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