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Stock photography has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. The market had become flooded with opportunistic photo sellers desperately chasing whatever random sales might come their way. That’s lead to increased competition, reduced prices and erratic sales at best for many photographers.

At GlobalEye we believe the only way a photographer can succeed in this environment is to build a complete and strategic business. The successful photography business will have full access to a targeted Client list, multiple built-in revenue streams, and integrated systems for attracting new buyers.

Most importantly, every aspect of the business should be tailored to the photographer’s unique style, subjects and strengths. Instead of dumping images into a stock library and hoping for the best, photographers take a strategic approach shooting custom images of their preferred subjects for likely buyers.

The GlobalEye network of stock library and specialist photography websites has evolved to support independent photographers wishing to pursue this kind of approach.

What started out as a small group of photographers, working together to share our costs, increase our exposure and sell a few more photos, is now an extensive array of four distinct stock library websites, a couple of dozen specialty sites and a vast network of photography blogs and web 2.0 properties we use to generate traffic, leads and sales for our member photographers.

As a GlobalEye Photographer…

  • You retain complete control of your work, how it is used and how much you are paid for it.
  • You deal directly with your own buyers so you can build profitable relationships with the people who NEED images of the subjects you shoot.
  • You pay no commissions no your sales  so you keep everything you make.
  • You submit once, and we promote your images right across our entire network.
  • You leave all the technical and tedious chores to us, so you can get back to being a photographer!


If all this is sounding like a better approach than submitting photos to a library and waiting around for sales that might never happen, check out the following video. It shows you how you can market your images and build a complete photography business through the GlobalEye network of stock library websites.

The GlobalEye Photography Business System


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