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Send your blog posts to Google+ automatically

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Here’s something I know a lot of people have been looking for / waiting for for a while… a way to postto Google Plus automatically. Just found this plugin … do a plugin search for WPGPlus … and once installed it reposts to G+ as soon as you post to your blog.

Here’s a more detail article showing you installation and settings, but it’s really very straight forward…

I’ve been using LinksAlpha to streamline a lot of our publishing and social media for GlobalEye, and this was the last gap in the coverage.

With LinksAlpha, we now republish each of our newsfeeds automatically to multiple blogs and about social media accounts, which generates additional backlinks to our photographers content pages, plus a lot of direct traffic. It’s all managed sfrom one easy interface, compelte with stats and tracking so I now know exactly what’s going where.

If you’re publishing to your blog regularly, LinksAlpha is definitely worth looking at to leverage those efforts into extra backlinks and traffic!




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