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Photos of the World’s Most Iconic Bird Species

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No matter where you happen to live on this planet, there are some bird species that we all recognise. While we might not not the scientific names or even the exact species, their colors, shapes and behaviours are almost always familiar. Here’s a selection of beautiful photos of some of the worlds most iconic bird species… take a look and see how many you know. Wandering Albatross Wandering Albatross showing off it’s massive wings. They have longest wingspan of any bird and can measure up to 4 metres in span. They rarely flap in flight, instead gliding on the air current created by the wild ocean seas. Photo © Matt Brading Northern Birds Magpie goose lands among sedges on a Top End wetland and floodplain Photo © David C Hancock Bird Young Emus in Synchronisation No, it’s not a clone. This pair of young emus after taking fright (as emus…

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