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12 Ways GlobalEye Helps You Grow Your Photography Business

[h2]12 Ways GlobalEye Helps You Grow Your Photography Business[/h2]

At GlobalEye we believe most mainstream stock libraries stopped doing the right thing by their photographers a long time ago. The table below outlines some of the key differences, not just in our approach, but in our attitude to and relationship with our photographers.

The GlobalEye Approach

Stock Libraries

Photo Preparation GlobalEye only requires low-res previews. High-res images are only prepped on demand when a sale is actually on offer. Mainstream stock photographers still spend huge amounts of time, fully prepping high-res images, even though most might never sell.
Photo Submissions GlobalEye uses a self-edit, peer review process to monitor submissions, and then a special user-tracking process to tailor the search results for buyers.This means you can submit virtually anything you like because we’ve seen that virtually anything can sell! Editors can reject images based on image quality, digital issues or simply because they think they don’t need the subject matter in their library.A couple of editors deciding what thousands of photo-buyers might need? We don’t think so!
Photo Publishing These days, submitting images to a stock library isn’t always enough to get you found.GlobalEye adds a couple of easy publishing steps that package your images into search engine and photo-buyer friendly formats to ensure that the people who need your subjects can find your images.

We also publish your material across multiple websites in our network… stock libraries and niche sites targeting specific buyer types.

Once your images are in the library, you’re about done. You sit-and-wait for sales. In a competitive market place, that’s leaving too much to chance for our liking.
Search Engine Optimization Our unique Content-Based Photography Marketing system ensures your photos are published with relevant and optimized written content, so the major search engines… and the buyers using them… can find your specific pages based on your subjects. Most stock libraries only publish basic caption info with photos, so there’s little there for the search engines to work. Most visitors arrive via the home page, so photographers face serious internal competition from other contributors for every lead.
Social Media Marketing GlobalEye has built-in social marketing functionality so as your content is published, it’s automatically announced, bookmarked and syndicated across a large network of web 2.0 sites, blogs and newsfeeds, generating backlinks and visitor traffic to your pages. Individual photographers can bookmark their own pages/photos and maintain their own social media accounts, but few libraries we’re aware of have made any attempt to automate the process.
Individual Promotions Our entire marketing strategy is to promote all our photographers and their content rather than trying to compete with massive corporations or the discount super-stores for homepage traffic. Simply doesn’t happen… these libraries only promote themselves, and all too often the only differential is price or unrestricted licensing.
Client Contact You get full access to Clients plus a built-in contact manager so you can build your own list of proven photo-buyers who need the subjects you shoot! You then have the option to go back to your buyers any time to generate new business on demand. The traditional commission-based model only works if the stock library prevents direct contact between photographer and buyer. So you get no repeat sales, no follow-up sales, no back-end sales… basically no sustainable business growth!
Self Promotion Options We also provide tools and training to help you prospect for new buyers and bring existing buyers back to view new material for immediate photo sales and sustainable business growth. Not generally encouraged… and unless you have access to your buyers, any promotions are only going to be one-off efforts.
Revenue Streams Traditional stock sales plus… self-generated leads and sales, repeat sales & upsells to your own Clients, assignments and local photographer jobs, print and product sales, advertising revenue, affiliate commissions, sports & special events. Limited only by your imagination! Submit and Wait and Hope…If buyers happen to find your library, and if they find your images, and if they choose to buy … you make a sale.
Photo Pricing & Licensing At GlobalEye you have total control over what prices are charged for your photos and under what terms they’re licensed.We have a Rights-Managed price calculator built-in to automate the process, or you can quote your own prices on a case-by-case basis if you prefer. Most mainstream libraries set pricing and licensing terms with no regard for the photographer. In fact, most seem to compete to see who can discount the most or surrender the most rights over your images!
Business Structure, Strategy & Philosophy We’re essentially a bunch of photographers working together to reduce costs, increase exposure and sell more photos. We’re often described a stock photography marketing co-op, mostly because we only answer to our photographers and our buyers.Our goal is to help you get your business to a point where you no longer need us, but you wouldn’t dream of ending the partnership! Most mainstream stock libraries seem to answer only to their shareholders and show little respect or concern for their photographers. They do whatever it takes to make the sale, which is usually discounting prices and trashing photographer rights.They have photographers lining up to give their work away for peanuts, so if someone walks away there’s always another ready to take their place.
Photography-Library Relationship We’re looking for partners we can work with long term to build a viable and profitable photography business. We do all we can to help you succeed because when you prosper, we do too.Kind of how stock used to be! Mostly looking for content suppliers able to deliver high quality photography at the lowest possible price, often while surrendering any future control over their work. The most common complaint we hear from photographers at these libraries is that they feel expendable.
What’s It Cost? GlobalEye charges zero commissions on your sales. Instead we charge a modest subscription to cover our costs. Currently this starts at just $27 a month and after that, whatever you make is yours to keep! Most still charge 50% commissions on your sales, even though these days their costs are way down and the photographers are doing the lion’s share of the work!