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Start A Small Business

If you’re looking for an way to build a profitable small business of your own, or even a way to seriously supplement your existing business income, here’s an option worth looking at.

The company below provides low do unsecured loans to small businesses and it will pay you a generous 1.5% commission on all new business you send them. They lend from $10,000 to $100,000 and they approve over 95% of qualified applicants, so there is some serious potential here. ($150-$1500 per loan!)

This makes is an ideal side-business for anyone with an existing business that brings you into contact with other small business owners?

If you have any  friends or colleagues who deal with a lot of small businesses, it get’s even better!

The company below also pays a commission on the second tier, meaning if one of your friends happens to be in a business advisory role and chooses to promote this on your recommendation, you stand to make 0.5% on all the business they generate as well.

That also means I have a vested interest in helping you make referrals too, and I’ve got some tools available to help you do just that. You’ll find a link to those as well. (No need to sign up first… everything is there to help you make an an informed decision).

I originally decided to promote this because I saw it as a good fit for my existing business… which deals extensively with other small businesses… and thought it might be a useful option for some of the photographers who pass through here.

Since then though, I’ve realised and the results have confirmed, that the photographers themselves are dealing with a lot of small business owners as well.  Many of their customers and their suppliers are potential clients, and given the current economic climate, many of those are interested in hearing about alternate finance options.

If this is sounding like it could be a useful service to offer your own contacts from time to time, please take a little more time to check it out. The first link below will take you to some additional information and our free guide to promoting this offer, and the second is where you register as an affiliate.

Marketing Toolkit & Instructions  |  Register a Free Affiliate Account


Now that you’re here, you should at least register and get your affiliate link, so that then next time you hear someone complain that the banks just knocked them back, you can hand them a possible solution!

If you’re in the market for small business finance, you can check out the fast application and approval process yourself below….

Unsecured Small Business Loans