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Selling Photography

[h1]How To Sell Stock Photos Through GlobalEye[/h1]
Market Your Photography With The GlobalEye Group of Stock Libraries
GlobalEye is the original stock photography marketing co-op, where Photographers work together to reduce our costs, increase our exposure and sell more photos. Since we started back in 1998 our photography business system has evolved into a powerful package of tools that any serious photographer can use to establish a new photography business, or breath fresh life into an existing one.
[h6]Hands-Free Stock Photo Sales [/h6]
Traditional passive stock photo sales through our networks of photo library websites
[h6]Pro-Active Photo Sales [/h6]
Go hands-on with your own prospects & clients and generate your own sales on demand
[h6]Photography Assignments[/h6]
Generate leads for commissioned assignments and secure local photographer jobs
[h6]Print & Product Sales [/h6]
Connect with online fulfillment services to easily sell your images as prints and photo products
[h6]Event Photography[/h6]
Cover sports events & special occasions, post images to a private lightbox and take print orders
[h6]Photo Search Requests [/h6]
Respond to Client photo needs when buyers can’t find what they want in our stock libraries
[h6]Advertising Revenues[/h6]
Earn passive revenue from low-key advertising on your pages on our network
[h6] Affiliate Payments[/h6]Plus ongoing customer-for-life commissions for telling new photographers about GlobalEye
[h2]The GlobalEye Photography Business Membership…[/h2]

As good as all the revenue streams above might sound, they are nothing compared to our four secret weapons. A few stock libraries might give you one or two of them, but no one else gives you the power of all four.

Secret Weapon #1… You get full access to your own Personal Client List, the essential business tool that’s missing from virtually every other stock library. This is fundamental if you plan to build a profitable photography business in the current climate.[/list_item]
Secret Weapon #2… Our alternative approach of Low-Res Photo Submissions will save you hundreds of hours of computer time every year… which suits our photographers fine, because I’m yet to meet a photographer who’d rather be sitting at a computer then out making great images![/list_item]
Secret Weapon #3… The GlobalEye Content-Based Photography Marketing system is unique in the industry and lets you easily leap-frog your competition and put your work in front of highly targeted photo buyers who are ready to purchase. Again, the other stock libraries just aren’t set up to do this for you.[/list_item]
Secret Weapon #4… Finally, you pay Zero Commissions on your sales. This last one is like a reverse benefit because we refuse to do it to you! You won’t be so lucky at most other libraries who’ll take 50% or more of anything you earn, but we think it’s just plain wrong so we take a totally different approach. It won’t be for everyone, but most people who look it over get it and love it! [/list_item]

Most of all GlobalEye Photography Business Membership is designed to deliver all the benefits of traditional stock photography, plus it gives you powerful pro-active marketing options so you can go hands-on and make things happen on your terms, your schedule. The stock photography industry has changed dramatically in recent years and we fervently believe photographers need to be much more involved if they’re going to compete and prosper.

So if you’re just looking for a share of the traditional Submit-And-Wait stock photo sales that everyone else is fighting over, this probably won’t be for you. However, if you’re prepared to work with us to build a sustainable and lucrative business selling your photography online,  then please register below and check out our complete business package for yourself…

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