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Wildlife Photography

Pets and wildlife photography isn’t as simple as just taking a few photo’s of animals in various settings although for amateur photographers this can be a really good way to learn the different techniques and polish skills.  Animals and pets are less likely to follow direction and professional photographers really have to use all their skills and timing to take impressive images.

With any photography it is vital to know what works for you and with portrait photography we can guide our subject into the positions we want, with animals and pets the same rules apply but it is a little more difficult. Like portrait photography we not only want to capture the image of the person but incorporate their true likeness and personality and professional photographers know exactly how to do this.

One aspect of pets and wildlife photography,  is to  create natural images in their natural environment but patience is key and professional photographers will have plenty.

The setting and environment is also really important, taking photographs of pets and wildlife in their natural habitat is the most successful photography.  Capturing pets and wildlife in their natural habitat ensures that the finished photographs are natural ones with pets being comfortable in their natural environment.

Many professional photographers have their own unique methods that work for them and using the whole lens is one popular and very effective method.  This allows for great details to be captured in the picture and this can be achieved by using the cameras zoom.

Taking photographs at eye level will also produce good quality intimate photos of pets or wildlife. For those that have pets, we know they all have their own unique personality that shines through and good photographers will be able to capture that with intimate close up photographs.

Taking photographs of any subject takes practice and professional photographers have spent years practicing their techniques and trying various methods and making mistakes is how professional photographers learn what works for them and what doesn’t.

When looking for a good photographer for either pets or wildlife or portrait photography,  always have in mind your own ideas and discuss them with the photographer,  this will then give them a good idea on what you are looking for and help them to capture the images that you are happy with. Photographers will take many shots until they and you are happy with the finished product.