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Email & Spam Policy

Email & Spam Policy

The abuse and misuse of e-mail is a serious problem and the GlobalEye Group will not tolerate it from our Members, Clients, Affiliates or any other users on any of our websites. Likewise we will make every effort to ensure our own activities are not considered intrusive or abusive to those who make use of our services.

In short we strive to maintain favorable business relationships across the Web community and we will not allow any practice that threatens these relationships.

Emails Sent From GlobalEye Websites

We may make choose contact with any of our registered users from time to time — Clients, Members, Photographers and other opt-in Subscribers — but they may opt-out of that contact at any time.

GlobalEye does make use of autoresponders on some websites to facilitate follow ups and to share additional information. These are entirely optional and every message sent in this manner will always contain a simple unsubscribe option.

Emails Sent To GlobalEye/OzImages/Eclectic Clients – Registered Photo Buyers

Clients may receive a newsletter update from time to time — no more than once per month — and they are given the option to not to be contacted when they register. They can update this preference at any time after that in their GlobalEye/OzImages account admin area. All Client newsletters sent will include a simple unsubscribe option as well as the option to cancel their account altogether.

Clients will also receive automatic responses to their actions on the GlobalEye websites, including but not limited to: General Photo Requests, Photo Quote Requests, Photo License Requests, Comping Image Requests. These actions are taken as granting us permission to contact with an appropriate response and any necessary follow ups.

Certain actions might also initiate an appropriate Photographer/Member response. Again this is assumed to be pre-approved by the Client and while all care is taken we can accept no responsibility for the actions of our Member photographers.

Emails Sent To Prospective GlobalEye Photographers – Registered Pending Members

Pending Members are asked to register and provide a valid email address. We will use that address to deliver additional information and instructions regarding applying for representation.

As we are establishing a business relationship this contact is considered essential. We will only ever use this contact to share information and advice likely to be relevant to Pending Members/Photographers.

Any photographer who doesn’t wish to enter this arrangement should refrain from registering. Any photographer who decides they are no longer interested should contact us immediately to cancel their account.

Emails Sent To Member Photographers – Members

Member Photographers are required to make at least one valid email address available at all times. That address is never made publicly available on the Global Eye Images website, but is used for all member contacts.

The use of a second ‘backup’ address is encouraged, and all Global Eye Images communications will generally be sent to both addresses where a second address is available. This is precautionary and entirely optional.

Certain features can generate substantial email volume — Members Discussion Group, Photo Request Lists — so these are optional and can be turned off as required. Check the Members Documentation for detailed instructions.

Other features do facilitate direct contact from visitors to the website. While all care is taken, no responsibility can be accepted for misleading, fraudulent, abusive or offensive emails sent by third-parties via the Global Eye Images website.

In any situation where a Member receives an email communication via the Global Eye Images website, the onus is on the Member to substantiate the details and respond accordingly.

Other Emails Sent Via The Global Eye Images Website

Global Eye Images also provides certain features that facilitate direct contact between Members and Clients or prospective Clients. Members using these tools agree to do so responsibly and only ever contact carefully researched photo buyers who are likely to have a genuine interest in the contact.

Global Eye Images reserves the right to restrict the use of any of these functions if a Member is deemed to be abusing them.

Abuse Complaints and Other Problems

Global Eye Images’ core service is to provide a platform for business-to-business contacts between a large number of photographers and an even larger number of photo buyers, so by definition we are going to generate a larger volume of email.

In order to do so efficiently it is essential that we maintain a blemish-free reputation in the larger web community. So if you have any problem at all with any communication that has been sent via the Global Eye Images website, we do ask that you contact us directly so we might address it immediately.

Likewise is you have any questions or queries as to whether or not a certain practice will be acceptable, please check with us first.

Please Note: We do operate a large number of websites, many of which have their own newsletter or updates list. If you make use of our websites or services it is very likely you will end up subscribed to more than one list, sometimes with more than one email address.

If you unsubscribe from one of our lists and still get email, please don’t get upset! Just contact us with the email addresses getting mail and we’ll remove your details from all our lists manually.

We don’t wish to upset anyone or spam anyone, so please let us know and we can sort it out for you before it becomes an issue.