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[h1]The GlobalEye Photography Business System[/h1]

Stock photography has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. The market had become flooded with opportunistic photo sellers chasing random sales. That’s lead to increased competition, reduced prices and made sales erratic at best for many photographers.

At GlobalEye we believe the only way a photographer can succeed in this environment is to build a complete and strategic business. The successful photography business will have full access to a targeted Client list, multiple built-in revenue streams, and integrated systems for attracting new buyers. Most importantly, every aspect of the business will be tailored to the photographer’s unique style, subjects and strengths.

If that sounds like a better approach than submitting photos to a library and waiting around for sales, you might find the following video interesting. It only goes for a few minutes and shows you how you can market your images and build a complete photography business through the GlobalEye network of stock library websites.

The GlobalEye Photography Business System




[h1]GlobalEye Photographer’s Vault[/h1]

We’ve included our extensive archive of education and training materials prepared for GlobalEye’s contributing photographers, but many of these are also useful training materials for any working photographer. [/one_fourth]

We’ve got a huge archive of videos and documentation to help your shoot and sell more marketable photos, plus a large archive of videos for learning Photoshop, WordPress and various online business & marketing processes.[/one_fourth]

All serious photographers are invited to join and participate in our community forum, to seek and provide assistance with general photographic technique, digital darkroom issues and photography business questions.[/one_fourth]

We’ve also assembled an extensive collection of software, graphics, ebooks and templates that you can download and use in your business and on your websites. Be sure to bookmark this for future reference.

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