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Do You Deal With Small Business Owners?

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I’ve just signed on as an affiliate for a company called GoCreditWise and I’m testing the waters on this page here. There’s been some very promising results already.

These guys offer unsecured small business loans of $10K-$100K  to US clients with an established business, $100K+ turnover who are not operating in certain industries. Their slogan is that they lend based on business performance and credit scores, and the promos all suggest they offer a much needed alternate financing option for small business owners rejected by more traditional lenders.

I’ve had a good look around and haven’t found much at all about them, good or bad, so I’m going to give it a run and see how it performs. They offer affiliates a handy 1.5% commission on any referred business, so the commission on an approved loan would be between $150 and $1500.

Depending on your clientele and website audience, this could be a very good option for some photographers…

If you’re dealing with a lot of small business owners, as a lot of commercial photographers are, it’s probably worth registering with GoCreditWise here, grabbing your affiliate link, and keep it to hand out next time you hear a small business owner complaining the bank has turned them down.

If you have the kind of website that’s frequented by small business owners… think other photographers, graphic designers,  printers, small advertising agencies, web designers etc… you might find it worthwhile adding a page for this.

And if you have any sort of skill at  (or desire to learn how to) generate targeted web traffic, it could be well worth adding a page to your website for this.

I’ve added a quick resource page for anyone interested below. There’s a more detailed explanation of the small business loan  program and a heap of ideas for how you might add some promotions to your current website or marketing activities.

Promoting CreditWise Small Business Loans

Make sure you read it all the way through because there’s one key aspect I haven’t covered here that’s a real game changer!



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